Encounter information


Simulated actor: Patient Encounter Consumer

Last modifier: PAMSimulator_IHE

Last modified date: 5/7/21 2:03:51 PM (CEST GMT+0200)

Visit number: VN2468^^^GZL_INTEROP&2.16.840.1.113883.^VN

General Informations

Patient status: DISCHARGED

Admission type:

Hospital Service:

Admission date/time:

Transfer planned date/time:


Attending doctor: 10002133162^Puel^Jean

Referring doctor: 10002105400^Loison^Laurenne

Admitting Doctor: 10002110418^Alkofer^Aude

DRG Movement

PMSI admission mode
PMSI discharge mode
PMSI establishment of origin mode
PMSI establishment of destination mode

Addtional encounter information

Establisment of origin
Address of the establisment of origin
Last visit date
Discharge transport mode
Placement start date
Placement end date
Address of the establisment of destination
Establisment of origin account number
Personalized discharge mode
Legal care mode

Patient's PHR

Patient's PHR status
Status collection date
Closing date
Facility access collection date
Opposition status collection date

Movements historic

Movement unique Id
Movement date
Trigger event
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