Welcome to Patient Manager


This tool is a simulator for the IHE profiles related to the identity management of the patient: 

  • Patient Administration Management (PAM)
  • Patient Demographics Query (PDQ)
  • Patient Demographics Query HL7V3 (PDQV3)
  • Patient Identity Cross-Referencing (PIX)
  • Patient Identity Cross-Referencing HL7V3 (PIXV3)

It is also able to act as an ADT actor in the context of the radiology workflow (SWF).

In addition, an option (selected by default) allows the simulator to send messages which are conform with the requirements defined by IHE France.

Message validation

Validation of HL7v2 messages is performed thanks to HL7 message profiles which content is available from Gazelle Master Model

Value sets

Value sets used by the tool for building PAM messages are available in SVS Simulator.


For testing the PAM profile as PES and PDS actors, the following endpoints are available

  • IHE International PDC: (Facility: IHE_Intl, Application: Gazelle)
  • IHE France PDC: (Facility: PAM_FR, Application: Gazelle)
  • IHE International PEC: (Facility: IHE_Intl, Application: Gazelle)
  • IHE France PEC: (Facility: PAM_FR, Application: Gazelle)