Sources & binaries

Gazelle Webservice Tester (GWT) is an open-source project under Apache License Version 2.0 ( Sources are available via Git at

The latest public packaged release can be downloaded from our Nexus repository;quick~gazelle-webservice-tester-ear (search for gazelle-webservice-tester-X.X.X.ear).

If you need for any reason a more recent version (hotfix, experimental featureā€¦), The public packaged application of our development trunk can be found at This package can be unstable.


If you are installing a Gazelle tool for the first time in your environment, make sure to read carefully the general considerations for JBoss7

Database creation

Your database must have a user gazelle

  1. Connect to your database
    psql -U gazelle
  2. Execute the SQL statement to create the database.
    CREATE DATABASE "gazelle-webservice-tester" OWNER gazelle ENCODING 'UTF8' ;


To deploy Gazelle Webservice Tester :

  1. Download the ear from our Nexus repository;quick~gazelle-webservice-tester-ear (search for gazelle-webservice-tester-X.X.X.ear)

  2. Paste the archive gazelle-webservice-tester.ear in the JBoss deployment directory ${JBOSS7\_HOME}/standalone/deployments/

  3. Display JBoss server logs, start JBoss and wait for ear deployment.

  4. The application can be browsed at http://localhost:8080/gazelle-webservice-tester Port could also be different whether you have modified the JBoss configuration.

  5. WARNING : From version 1.5.0, datasources need to be extracted from the ear folder (found in /src/main/application/META-INF). For more informations about how to manage that externalization, please refer to general considerations for JBoss7.

Datasource name : gazelle-webservice-testerDS

Database name : gazelle-webservice-tester

Application configuration

  1. Download the SQL scripts archive from our Nexus repository;quick~gazelle-webservice-tester-ear (search for

  2. Unzip the archive into a folder named gwt-sql

  3. Edit the application_url value in init.sql.

  4. From the bash, update the application configuration by running :

    psql -U gazelle gazelle-webservice-tester < gwt-sql/init.sql

Data storage

GWT will need directories to store SoapUI projects, logs and keystores. By default, the application is configured to use /opt/gazelle-webservice-tester/.

sudo mkdir /opt/gazelle-webservice-tester
sudo mkdir /opt/gazelle-webservice-tester/projects
sudo mkdir /opt/gazelle-webservice-tester/logs
sudo mkdir /opt/gazelle-webservice-tester/keystores

Be sure these directories can be read/written by JBoss.

sudo chmod -R 775 /opt/gazelle-webservice-tester
sudo chown -R jboss:jboss-admin /opt/gazelle-webservice-tester